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  • The Ditch the Diet course was always informative, relaxed, fun, friendly, I loved attending every week which made the results really quick to see as I did everything that was taught to me.

    Diana Westford, Lincoln
  • For me it wasn't just about the diet, it has made me think about all areas of my life, how I want to be happy,strong, emotionally in control, and live life to the full.

    Tanya May, West London
  • I now focus what I eat on healthy nutritious food which is simple to make and easy to prepare. It wasn't a hard change to make and I now feel younger, have more energy, feel positive, and sleep like a baby.

    Catherine Short, Belfast
  • I have so much energy and feel stronger and younger. My skin looks great and I feel very positive about the future, my weight, and my health.

    Sam Heath, Edinburgh
  • I feel younger, healthier and more positive than I have done in 20 years. I now know what it really feels like to eat real food and feel the benefits.

    Member from Newbury
  • Throughout my Ditch the Diet journey a quote from my coach has stuck with me, you are the same person when you step on the scales and when you step off, this has empowered me.