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Years of dieting left you frumpy, unfit and heavier than you were 10 years ago

Sick of false dawns and broken promises that leave you no better off than when you started

Bored of the deprivation and restriction that accompanies the traditional diet

Want to understand how the diets of the past have kept you from achieving the body you deserve?

Want to discover a new way that gives you the freedom to eat what you want – when you want?

Want to reclaim your confidence and your health

Rediscover your sparkle with Ditch The Diet

  • The Ditch the Diet course was always informative, relaxed, fun, friendly, I loved attending every week which made the results really quick to see as I did everything that was taught to me.

    Diana Westford, Lincoln
  • For me it wasn't just about the diet, it has made me think about all areas of my life, how I want to be happy,strong, emotionally in control, and live life to the full.

    Tanya May, West London
  • I now focus what I eat on healthy nutritious food which is simple to make and easy to prepare. It wasn't a hard change to make and I now feel younger, have more energy, feel positive, and sleep like a baby.

    Catherine Short, Belfast
  • I have so much energy and feel stronger and younger. My skin looks great and I feel very positive about the future, my weight, and my health.

    Sam Heath, Edinburgh
  • I feel younger, healthier and more positive than I have done in 20 years. I now know what it really feels like to eat real food and feel the benefits.

    Member from Newbury
  • Throughout my Ditch the Diet journey a quote from my coach has stuck with me, you are the same person when you step on the scales and when you step off, this has empowered me.